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Gold & Black Co.

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  1. Jewellery and accessories brand Gold & Black Co, creates contemporary pieces using the base colours Gold and Black.
  2. Each piece either comes in a combination of gold and black or detailed in gold/black.

We are a design studio based from London, England, the heart of fashion inspiration.

Our mission is to help your style express who you are without saying a word. That's why from our welded bangles to handmade bracelets - everything is carefully crafted with you in mind.

With high quality and designs inspired in London, we are able to create jewellery that is truly special and unique. Every piece of our jewellery is a work of art. All our Bracelets are crafted using the striking colours of Gold & Black. We love them. And we figured you'd love them too.

Thank you,

The Gold&BlackCo Team.